GETALA is an engineering application, that organizes manufacturers and connects buyers. GETALA engages manufactures in micro level scheduling, tracking, and reporting of processes & simplifies operations with maximum resource utilization.

Beta version launched

Version 1.2 with real data launched. Android V0.2 under testing


  • Connect Buyers
  • Quote Parts
  • View 3D of parts
  • Route jobs
  • Monitor Operators
  • Monitor Job progress


  • Access Machine shops
  • Simple one page supplier selection based on criteria
  • Scale up your production
  • Live progress updates on your finger tip
  • Overall cost reduction


Are you a graduate in Mechanical Engineering looking for right opportunities in your career? Do you like to do creative job? Be the one to change the world do manufacturing.


Registering this portal is free for manufacturer and customer. A customer can try out with free item request. Top up of 5 drawing bundle are available for 100 INR.A manufacturer can access all request for quote and mobile application based workflow. To organise internal project, manufacturer need subscription of premium plan which is available for 12,000 INR (18,000 INR) per year.

How it works

GETALA Organizes the activities of both outsourcing professionals as well as custom part manufacturers by a unique way of handling the whole manufacturing requirement and processing needs. GETALA lets customers create the RFQs in minutes and send it only to the apt manufacturers.Manufacturers on getting the RFQ can act wisely and timely manner to get the work done allowing the customers to know the job live status and GETALA lets them do micro level employee engagement. LET'S GET START


A manufacturer can earn money while he provide costing for RFQ. Simple cost inputs offer 2.5 INR per item, where as 5 INR per detailed costing.Detailed costing is the key for organising internal projects with Android Application.